Developing Web Applications and Creating Websites

We're a high-level software development team with over ten years of expertise creating the most technically challenging websites and applications.

Most web studios employ designers, marketers, content managers, and other professionals. Instead of hiring technical specialists, such online studios hire freelancers or third-party developers. They specialize in good-looking projects with a weak backend.

This doesn't mean that we don't work on simple websites; it just means that an intriguing, sophisticated project with a long-term collaboration takes priority.

What we know and use:
  • Backend: PHP (Laravel, Symfony and others), MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB
  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery), React (Next.js)
  • Setting up and administering Linux servers
  • Copywriting, content management
What can we order:
  • Landing-page
  • Corporate website
  • Online store
  • Any project, regardless of its complexity

Support and development of existing projects

Do you have a website already? Do you want to improve it but are unable or unwilling to contact the creators? We have both good and bad news to share with you.

The bad news is that if you contact a developer with an already completed project, you will almost certainly be offered to convert it to the engine that this developer uses as the basis for all of his projects. Then you'll have to pay for the creation "from scratch" of what you currently have, and then you'll have to pay for the development of the project you require separately.

What caused this to happen? The engine is at the heart of each project, no matter how technically challenging it is (CMS). This is both the project's core and a tool that allows developers to develop it quickly and easily. Developers devote a significant amount of time to understanding one of the numerous current engines (or even building their own) before incorporating it into their projects. When you contact a developer with a completed project that was built on an engine that is unfamiliar to him, the developer is faced with a decision. Either spend an endless amount of time researching the engine of your project, for which no one will pay you, or persuade you to transfer the project to an engine he know.

The good news is that we have specialists who have worked with a wide range of engines and are ready to analyze, help, and develop your project.

A project audit at any stage of development

When a customer engages an IT developer for a significant and long-term project, there are a few things to consider. They make up the Terms of Reference and the Contract, which define the project's scope, timeline, and cost. Time moves on. The development studio's management submits text reports with a significant number of nonsensical keywords on a monthly basis and demands money. Simultaneously, it does not display anything new that can be seen or touched. At this point, though, at least something should be ready.

In general, if you suspect that the developers you recruited are incompetent, we are willing to audit the project at any point during its development. The audit is divided into two parts.

To begin, you will receive a summary table when we have become acquainted with the proposal, which will detail the terms and costs of developing the project by us and several other Ukrainian studios of varying calibers with whom we collaborate.

Second, we will assign our specialist to sign the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and other required documents. It will have access to the project's source code. You will receive a complete project analysis at the conclusion of the audit.

Contractor Services

This is a unique offering for web studios that lack technical specialists. We understand that you frequently utilize solo freelancers because they are less expensive. We also know that these are significant risks, as lone freelancers can vanish at any time and never return. And it can happen at any stage of development.Especially when working on a large, technically challenging project. There may be three reasons for this: the freelancer overestimated his capabilities and realized that he was not pulling the project; the freelancer underestimated the scale of the work and named too small an amount; or he's simply a jerk. In any case, you are left without a key developer at the moment when you depend on him most of all.

Our services are slightly more expensive than those provided by a solitary freelancer, but working with us is simpler and more trustworthy. At the very least, you can agree with us. In addition, we offer a broad variety of website building services, saving you the time and effort of locating and arranging multiple freelancers (backend-frontend conflict).

Our latest projects

ZARGA. Online store of women's clothing

Standard online store with all the necessary functionality:

  • product and order management;
  • warehouse-accounting;
  • formation of reporting documents, acts, accounts;
  • integration with payment systems and delivery services;
  • automatic processing of price lists of suppliers;
  • module for working with a barcode scanner;
  • automatic mailing system: mail, sms, Viber, Telegram;
  • other useful tools.
PsyMag. Psychological online magazine

This is a large project, consisting of three parts:

  1. Information portal with a complex management system. For example, the editor's panel, where he can manage the issuance and interact with the authors. Section for authors, where they can add articles. General work chat. And other useful tools for the operation of the information portal.
  2. Section with psychological tests. The system is unified and can work with almost any stimulus material.
  3. A system for conducting psychological research with the subsequent formation of data samples, the calculation of all statistics (descriptive statistics, Pearson's correlation, Student's T-test) and the creation of graphs.

The project was created as a platform for bringing together practitioners, theorists and people who are simply interested in psychology.

iWishYou. Congratulatory portal

This is an example of a project in which our team acted as a technical contractor and consultant. The whole visual was created by another studio, and we implemented all the technical part. We especially want to pay attention to the online postcard designer. In it, users can change the text of the postcard, select an audiovisual effect and send a link to the resulting disgrace to their relatives, friends and acquaintances.

NG24. News aggregator

Project-experiment. The system bypasses the specified news portals and parses their news. After that, based on morphological analysis and a complex algorithm, the system determines the same news, assigns them a popularity rating and performs other manipulations. Based on the calculated data, the system generates a news feed, publishes it on the website and on the Facebook page. After the initial setup, the system works completely offline.

Monte Carlo Munchkins Club

Website of a kindergarten in Monte Carlo. The project has two main features:

  1. After the initial load, all further transitions between the pages of the site occur instantly, with a beautiful transition animation.
  2. Lesson section. It consists of short animated sketches on the topic of each lesson. All of them were created using CSS+JavaScript and optimized. Thanks to this, their weight, in comparison with the video, has become hundreds of times less, and the site works stably even with a weak Internet.